As with most things expensive, when it’s offered cheap it’s a red flag.

As with most things expensive, the unseen dedication to detail can at times go unseen.

As with most things expensive, there’s a reason why it cost what it costs...

Makings grills is a combination of mould taking, mould making and taking impressions from the mould using different materials and techniques.

Grillz making run- through

  1. Take an impression of teeth

  2. Make a mould from the impression

  3. Create desired design in wax on the mould.

  4. Sprue the wax model

  5. Cast and clean

  6. Set stones

  7. Final polish

Where costs are cut by some jewellers;

  1. Poor quality impression taking by not using light and hard body material

  2. Use of non dental grade Gold instead opting to use recycled material.

  3. Cutting turn around time by not following manufacturer recommendations for processes

These savings are not always passed onto the customer and in most cases the customer is unaware.