Not All GRILLZ Are Made The Same.

The introduction of modern technology to ancient metal forming techniques has elevated the level of control, craftsman have in the creative process.

This control translates to accuracy in advanced design methods using computer models and nearly every other aspect of the creative process.

To know why not all grills are made the same, it’s important to know what’s being done by almost all jewellers and what they’re doing wrong.

First, some needed background knowledge on the matter.

Your teeth are naturally protected by a clear glass- like material called enamel.

Under this clear shell is a material called Dentin which makes up most of your teeth.

Pure metals, such Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper are different to alloys such as Brass, Sterling Silver, Yellow / Rose Gold because alloys by definition is a mixed combination of pure metals.

One ironic characteristics of a metal is its measure of malleability. This questions how much force is needed to deform the metal without rupturing the surface.

Pure Gold, or 24k Gold is known to be highly malleable. With enough pounding pressure and smooth enough surface, this 1g pure Gold bar can beaten into a thin sheet covering the equivalent to this 1 meter square space.

Read our post on why Cheap Grillz Cost More for a detailed run through of how your Grillz are made at Hatton Rock.

Read the overview below to follow the step Grillz before being finished.

  1. Take an impression of teeth

  2. Make a mould from the impression

  3. Create desired design in wax on the mould.

  4. Sprue the wax model

  5. Cast and clean

  6. Set stones

  7. Final polish

Hatton Rock, identified that most likely your jeweller or yourself are dental doctors. So taking the responsibility of any dental task should simply fall in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable dental qualified professionals.

Our partner dental clinic in Cricklewood, London facilitates the impression taking process.