Commission custom jewellery

At Hatton Rock, time is a resource and when combined with talented craftsmanship the result is quality above quantity.

As a result of exceeding demand and limited output Hatton Rock pushes to produce items of the highest quality when you commission custom jewellery.

Commission Hatton Rock for your custom Jewellery now.

Our in-house design and casting facilities helps us keep a close eye on the details and allows us to make adjustments or intercept at any point in the creative process. Giving you full flexibility in your design, time and budget.

If you have the artwork ready, send it to us at

Compliant artwork not breaching casting limitations, will proceed onto the next stage; turning your design into a 3D model.

A design confirmation is sent for your approval, in person or sent to you virtually. When the 3D model is ready, once you approve, your design is finalised.

Expect a notice of collection or delivery and receive your new custom jewellery.